Guidelines :

  • - CME providers must ensure that CME planning decisions are not commercially biased, including the appointment of all staff and organizations regulating CME content.
  • - Providers must be able to show that everyone who is in a position to control the content of educational activities has disclosed to the provider all relevant financial relationships with any commercial conflict of interest interest.
  • - Refusal to declare any relevant financial relationships makes this member ineligible from sharing in planning or conducting education.
  •  - Providers must adopt regulations that help in detecting and reconciling any types of  conflicts of interest concerning faculty members who are involved in planning scientific contents.
  • - In general, the ACCME regulations for accreditation must be followed.

E-learning Accreditation:

  • -“e-Learning materials” refers to the material delivered to the learner through electronic means, such as but not restricted to: recorded audio, recorded visual, digital presentations, digital quizzes, distance learning available online via an educational website.
  • -Only academic or scientific organizations are qualified to apply for accreditation.
  • -It is the responsibility of the academic or scientific. organization and its representative to ensure full adherence to AACME standards and guidelines.
  • -The e-Learning materials that brings any financial interests or any other forms of materialistic benefit to the organizing institution or any commercial interest are not eligible for accreditation.
  • -All e-learning materials produced under educational grants, the organizer must ensure that the material preparation is independent of any commercial bias.
  • -The only allowed promotion is the acknowledgement that the commercial entity
has contributed to the e-Learning material by way of an unrestricted educational grant.
  • -Any relevant financial relationship of individuals involved in any way the preparation or carrying out of the e-Learning material must be fully declared.
  • -For more information regarding accreditation procedures and application, please contact us.